1 Hour on Location Shoot  $75 * ( 150 images max)

2 Hour on Location Shoot $125 * (300 images max)

*Location shoots includes: All the digital rights/ copyrights to your photos, all images placed on a DVD or flash drive for your convenience so you can edit/print them however you prefer,  and 10 edited images by Ron Aiello.

Wedding Package For Photos: $500 which Includes:

On Location Engagement Shoot, Photos at Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner, Photos during hair appointments on the day of the wedding, Photos of Bride and attendants dressing, Photos of Groom and Groomsmen pre-ceremony, Photos of Ceremony, Family Portraits, Bridal party.  All of the copyrights to your photos, and 25 images edited by Ron Aiello.

Wedding Package For FILM/VIDEO: $250 which Includes:

Filming the entire day in full 1080p 24p using multiple lenses, Three to Eight minute short film, editing, sound design, color correction, rendering.  Three DVD Copies, with real hollywood menu and special features.  Blu-ray is also available. 

Commercial and other Event Film/Video: CALL FOR PRICING

Images are shot in both RAW and JPEG file formats. Film/Video shot in 1080p 24p at 55Mb/s.


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